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Optimizing Fundraising through Behavioral Economics and A.I.

ExactAsk Artificial Intelligence Services employ scientifically proven and uniquely architected algorithms along with behavior economics to determine how much an individual donor can be expected to donate over their lifetime of giving.

Our Case Studies demonstrate why nonprofit fundraising organizations choose ExactAsk's advanced artificial intelligence to improve lifetime giving levels. ExactAsk Gift Arrays are individually optimized through insights garnered from millions of direct mail and email solicitations. 

Discover how Arjuna's Exactask A.I. can provide Individually optimized gift arrays to help you: 

  • Optimize lifetime giving from Renewing Donors 
  • Reactivate Lapsed Donors at newly optimized level of giving
  • Garner new donors from Acquisition Campaigns that optimizes giving levels
  • Realize an average uplift of 17.8% in individual giving within the first 12 months
  • Leverage behavioral economics modeling to achieve greater alignment between the value realized by individual donors and their levels of lifetime giving. 

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