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How To Maximize the Value of Your Non-Profit Facebook Page



As the role of social media in the marketing landscape has shifted since Facebook was introduced to the wider world over a decade ago, businesses and organizations of every stripe have tried to find ways to leverage the tremendous reach of these platforms to connect with their audiences.
Facebook offers some terrific resources on how to make the most out of your account, but in order to maximize the value of your Non-Profit facebook page you need to go deeper.

Like all social media platforms, Facebook is essentially a private marketing database that millions of people willingly (happily, even) opt into in return for a steady stream of delightful, engaging, and/or thought-provoking content. Beyond the data that any given user directly offers up to Facebook (demographics, likes, interests) there is an incredible well of meticulously recorded data about interactions, browsing history, musical preferences, and almost any other variable you can imagine. The key to getting the most value out of your Non-Profit Facebook page is finding a tool that can put this tremendous volume of data to work for you.

ExactAsk uses predictive algorithms to combine existing customer/prospect information from from sources like email marketing data and CRM systems with information mined from Facebook to build detailed, actionable "marketing profiles." Here are 3 ways you can use these profiles to get the most value from your Facebook page:

1) Identify "Overlapped" Audiences

An “Overlapped” audience are those individuals who appear both in your database and on social media platforms like Facebook. Once the predictive analytics tool can identify the "overlapped" individuals, the predictive analytics can start to pinpoint other, related interests that may help you to connect better with your audience. This can help you target messages and activities most likely to appeal to each persona, enabling you to create more engaging content and drive your donations.

 2) Create More Effective Facebook Ads

After you develop a clearer picture of what your ideal fundraising audience looks like, you’re then you’ll be able to use Facebook ads more effectively reach people interested in your organization’s mission. Rather than working off hunches or intuition, ExactAsk allows you to export a list of highly representative donors and upload it as a seed audience to the Facebook Ads platform. Then Facebook will use its resources to find the top 1% look-a-like audience, and direct you toward the types of individuals most likely to donate. Once they go to your Facebook home page, you can create more effective call-to-action buttons (i.e. "Donate Now!") on your cover photo. Targeting more effectively using the Ads platform will save you marketing dollars while helping increase donation revenue.

 3) Tag & Track Your Facebook Content

After cultivating a better understanding of your donor base, you can become more strategic in tagging and tracking content. For example, strategically placing #hashtags in your Facebook posts can help categorize what your posts are about. As your audience engages with specifics posts (and hashtags), the analytics engine will begin to identify which topics/categories fans are interested in and help you continually refine your marketing tactics.

By using your organization's Facebook audience as a representative sample to predict the behavior of your "overlapped" customer base, you can reach a sympathetic audience by using Facebook Ads more effectively. With a predictive marketing analytics platform, you have access to the insights needed to help leverage the full power of Facebook to drive donation revenue for your organization.

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