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Adam Treiser of ExactAsk Will Speak on Big Data Panel at Ideagen Global Good Summit 2016


Arjuna Solutions CEO, Adam Treiser, will be speaking on a panel at the annual Ideagen Summit for Global Good in Seattle, Washington on Thursday, October 6th. The summit convenes the world's leading companies, NGO's, public sector organizations, and industry thought leaders to innovate & collaborate.

Treiser will be on hand to lend his thoughts to a panel focused on how nonprofit organizations can approach the challenge of discussing failure in the face of today’s technology climate where big data solutions provide the means to evaluate campaign impact and success with more precision than ever before.

As an expert in the machine learning space, Treiser is well-positioned to speak to the advantages that big data can provide for the organizations that choose to embrace the technology.

His company’s newest solution, ExactAsk™, is a platform that integrates with leading nonprofit CRMs to provide personalized Ask amounts for each small and medium-sized donor in email, direct mail, telemarketing, and other direct-to-consumer campaigns.

ExactAsk™ reveals the optimal Ask amount for each person in a database based on that donor's "willingness" to give, rather than using more traditional methods of determining Ask amounts based on wealth data and/or an arbitrary annual percentage increase.

And the use of randomly assigned Treatment and Control groups proves the power of these analytics. Which becomes highly valuable as major donors and social impact investors become more keen on wanting visibility into the ROI of major campaign initiatives.

So while the nonprofits and direct marketing agencies that are optimizing their campaigns with the use of ExactAsk™ are celebrating an average 18% lift in campaign revenue, they’re also faced with having to ask (and often answer to)… what other efforts in our organization haven’t been optimized to their highest potential?

This question amongst others related to new data evaluation tools and the availability of transparent reporting will be at the center of the conversation on October 6th when Treiser takes the stage alongside:

  • Kyle Zimmer, President, CEO and Co-founder, First Book
  • Dr. Martha Bernadett, Executive Vice President of Research and Innovation, Molina Healthcare, Inc., and Founder, The Molina Foundation
  • Jennifer Kawar, Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Nonprofit Finance Fund

For more information on how direct marketing agencies and nonprofits are seeing an average 18% increase in campaign revenue from their current list of small- and mid-size donors—contact us today.


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