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What is ExactAsk?

The solution to an age-old fundraising problem: How much to ask for from a donor? By using a patented machine-learning algorithm, ExactAsk is able to predict the precise amount each donor is most likely to give, thereby significantly improving fundraising results.


Unlike other fundraising solutions based strictly on demographics, wealth data, location, and other generalized information, ExactAsk’s software identifies the best way to approach every individual.

NOT An actual example
photo of Donor A
Donor A

Suburban Stay-at-Home Mom

Lives in Greater Kansas City

Household Income in $50-$75K Range

Ask Amount Using Traditional Methods$25
Amount Donated Using Traditional Methods$25
Ask Amount Using ExactAsk$50
Amount Donated Using ExactAsk$50
Net Gain With ExactAsk$25
photo of Donor B
Donor B

Prominent Investment Banker

Lives in Trendy NYC Neighborhood

Household Income in $250K Range

Ask Amount Using Traditional Methods$250
Amount Donated Using Traditional Methods$0
Ask Amount Using ExactAsk$30
Amount Donated Using ExactAsk$30
Net Gain With ExactAsk$30

How ExactAsk Works

ExactAsk takes in individual donor data from a variety of sources and uses artificial intelligence to determine an individualized ask amount that can then be distributed via direct mail, email, social media, or even video.

Other Solutions

Other solutions purchase bulk info and nonspecific range wealth data to improve results in the major donor arms of development.

  • Purchase data
  • Provide data piles and reports
  • Provide analysis by consultation
  • Measure wealth data
  • Focus on major donor prospecting
  • Takes months


ExactAsk uses the data you already have to focus on the annual giving arm of development efforts.

  • Use data you already have
  • Make frontline recommendations
  • Provide actionable steps based on analysis
  • Measure willingness
  • Focus on annual giving
  • Takes days

ExactAsk’s Easy Process


Upload your client’s data into the platform



Let our algorithms work their magic



Receive and distribute our predicted ask amount



Calculate your revenue lift

The Power of Predictive Analytics

ExactAsk not only helps improve communication with donors by providing personalized ask amounts, it dynamically updates those ask amounts as time passes and more data is collected using its innovative ExactForm technology.

Sources of Data

Automated Data Integration


Arjuna Analytics

The Engine



Marketing content dynamically personalized for every person


For example, here’s a common donor encounter:

Donor A receives $50 donation request email on Wednesday based on ExactAsk’s recommended ask amount. Donor A clicks on donation form but opts not to donate. ExactAsk receives additional data on Donor A and automatically updates the ask amount based on the new data. Donor A goes back and checks his email on Monday and clicks through to the donation form again and sees the new ask amount and then decides to donate.

Who We Are

Adam Treiser

Adam Treiser

A business analytics professor at John’s Hopkins University, Adam Treiser is the inventor of the technology that powers ExactAsk and is respected as a pioneer in the rapidly evolving predictive analytics space and the first to apply those principles to nonprofit fundraising.
IMG_5401-Edit2 formal

Michael Gorarrian

Senior VP
An international leader in digital innovation, Gorriarán spent 10 years at Microsoft, where he led the team responsible for developing their global cloud services strategy.
Rachel Bender

Rachel Bender

A leader in forensic data science, Bender comes from PriceWaterhouseCoopers where she led teams for multiple major projects.
Stephen Goodman

Steve Goodman

The former head of business development for the NFL Players’ Assocation, Goodman excels at partner relations.
Josh Krisiloff

Joshua Krisiloff

VP of Analytics
An expert in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Krisiloff is a math whiz that makes sure ExactAsk is always on the cutting edge.

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