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About ExactAsk

ExactAsk’s software uses an innovative machine learning algorithm to provide individual nonprofit donors with precise, data-informed ask amounts. Non-profit organizations have seen a 17.5% net total revenue increase after contacting only half of their existing donor databases. Using the ExactAsk software, organizations have seen donation amounts grow over multiple platforms, donor types, and giving tiers.


Based on current results, nonprofits that use ExactAsk software have experienced an average $11.47 increase in overall revenue per gift, as well as an average of $0.34 more per marketing message sent. Nonprofits have raised an average of $15,181.36 in additional funds through the implementation of personalized ask amounts with almost no extra work or time required from their fundraising teams.

ExactAsk in Action

Many lapsed donors began contributing again (and giving more than they did historically) after a period of absence, and newly acquired and repeat donors contributed more than expected when contacted with an exact Ask amount.

lapsed donor (Actual Examples)
photo of Lapsed Donor A
Lapsed Donor A
Sent ExactAsk Generated Ask Amount
Lapsed Donor A did not give during the last campaign, but has donated 19 times in the past, with the most recent donation amount being $100. When contacted using the ExactAsk software, Donor A gave $150.
photo of Lapsed Donor B
Lapsed Donor B
Sent Traditional Ask Amount
Lapsed Donor B, a previous 10-time contributor, was contacted using a standard $40 non-exact donation solicitation and gave only $25.
Newly Acquired Donor (Actual Examples)
photo of Newly Acquired Donor A
Newly Acquired Donor A
Sent ExactAsk Generated Ask Amount
Newly Acquired Donor A was asked to give $79 and instead donated $105.
photo of Newly Acquired Donor B
Newly Acquired Donor B
Sent Traditional Ask Amount
This Newly Acquired contributor was asked to give $50, but only gave $25 when contacted using traditional methods.
REACTIVATED Donor (Actual Examples)
photo of Reactivated Donor A
Reactivated Donor A
Sent ExactAsk Generated Ask Amount
Although Donor A had not contributed for several campaigns, they returned with a $1,000 donation - increasing their historic average donation of $370 after being contacted using ExactAsk’s software.
photo of Reactivated Donor B
Reactivated Donor B
Sent Traditional Ask Amount
Reactivated Donor B was contacted via traditional methods and gave half of the requested donation, pitching in just $25 after being asked for $50 -- their historic donation amount.
Repeat Donor (Actual Examples)
photo of Repeat Donor A
Repeat Donor A
Sent ExactAsk Generated Ask Amount
Donor A had made 73 donations historically with an average gift size of $26.23. Their most recent donation was $103. After receiving an ExactAsk soliciation, they upped their contribution to $511.
photo of Repeat Donor B
Repeat Donor B
Sent Traditional Ask Amount
When contacted using traditional methods, repeat Donor B actually gave half of their $24 historic average, dropping from their most recent contribution of $30 to a donation of $12.







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